Category: jQuery

  • Select/Deselect all Items in Checkbox list using Jquery

    The following snipped shows how to select/deselect all items – check/uncheck all items in CheckBoxList Control using jquery. I have omitted the page directive from example.

  • Set menu item active based on URL using Jquery

    This is a small snippet using jquery that reads the current URL and set the corresponding menu item active by add a css class “active”. I have just given the html and jquery. You can design your own css. HTML MENU [sc:tcbox ] <div id=”cssmenu”>…

  • Best jquery scripts that you can use for your projects

    Here is the link of the snippets of different jquery that you can use in your projects modalIt_jQuery hoverControlCss_jQuery onlyOneCheckBox_jQuery rwQueryString_jQuery confirm_jQuery expandCollapse_jQuery capitalizeTextBox_jQuery multiControlRfv_jQuery ajaxPopulate_jQuery restoreScrollPosition_jQuery logIt_jQuery ajaxCascadeDdl_jQuery isDirtyPrompt_jQuery highlightChanges_jQuery enableControlOnCheck_jQuery highlightAndToggleGridRows_jQuery sumIt_jQuery upDownTextBox_jQuery tooltip_jQuery popupPanel_jQuery watermark_jQuery limitTextBox_jQuery

  • Using local jquery if CDN of google jquery is not available

    Well most of us will be using Google CDN jquery file. At times if the jquery file fail to load from the cdn network you can always load and use the local jquery file in  your server. Just use the following snipped