Category: Classic ASP

  • ASP Page Access Timer

    If you want to know how long your ASP page takes to load from your server. Here is a two lines of code, which accurately calculates the time taken for a page to load. This tutorial uses the TIMER function of the ASP. The logic…

  • Access Database Connection string in Classic ASP

    Access Database connection string in Classic ASP. Example is given with connection object, how to open the connection object using the connection string. In the above snippet the variable strconnect holds connection string.

  • MySQL connection string in Classic ASP

    The mysql connection string in classic ASP. In the above snippet strconnect is a variable where we are assigning connection string values. The driver can be different, you may have to change it to{MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver} if you are using ODBC 3.51 for mysql.…

  • Iterating through forms collection in ASP

    Iterating through forms collection using “for each statement” in ASP. This is one of my favourite ASP snippet and I use it often