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  • Integrating FCKeditor in ASP.NET

    Integrating FCKeditor in ASP.NET

    FCKeditor is the most popular online HTML text editor and widely used in most of the web sites. It comes with an FCKeditor.NET control exclusively for ASP.NET applications. However there are no proper instructions or tutorial on how to integrate the FCKeditor into your ASP.NET…

  • Delete confirmation using javascript

    When you try to delete a record, set of records you may want to confirm again to delete. If you delete a bunch of records accidentally by clicking a button all the data will be lost. You can add a javascript confirm box to any…

  • Same Page Navigation Using Java Script

    Most of the times it is dull to have that long scrolling HTML pages with anchor tags to display many products, all in one page. Java Script can be used to display all the products or information in one row depending upon the links clicked.…

  • JavaScript Dynamic dependent drop down list box

    Dynamic dependent drop down list box can be created using Java Script. In most of the HTML FORMS you need to have to list boxes. The first one is the category and second one is the sub-category. When you select the first list box, depending…

  • Access Database Connection string in Classic ASP

    Access Database connection string in Classic ASP. Example is given with connection object, how to open the connection object using the connection string. In the above snippet the variable strconnect holds connection string.

  • MySQL connection string in Classic ASP

    The mysql connection string in classic ASP. In the above snippet strconnect is a variable where we are assigning connection string values. The driver can be different, you may have to change it to{MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver} if you are using ODBC 3.51 for mysql.…

  • Iterating through forms collection in ASP

    Iterating through forms collection using “for each statement” in ASP. This is one of my favourite ASP snippet and I use it often

  • Adding , removing and Clearing session values

    This just a small snippet to add, clear and remove all the session values in C#. To add and remove a session value To add Session[“username”] = “JonDoe”; To Remove Session[“username”] = “”; To clear and remove all the session values Session.Contents.RemoveAll(); Session.Abandon();

  • Adding Access Database Connection String in web.config file

    Hi here is a small snippet. If you have your access database in your app_data folder and need to add its connection string in the web.config file, so that you can use in your business tier or code behind, here is the snippet.

  • Maintaining Scroll Position after PostBack

    Here is code snippet to maintain the scroll position after post back. Application level Add the following line in your web.config file or modify the existing one Page Level Add the the following attribute in the page directive of your aspx page Code level Even…